Sunday, August 06, 2006

Worth a revisit

100 (okay, 102) things about me:

1. I have a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice
2. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology
3. My first job was picking tomatoes in a greenhouse
4. My second job was cutting parsley on a muck farm
5. My first car was a 1986 Black Mustang
6. I just started to like oatmeal
7. I went on a 2 week mission trip to Honduras
8. We built a red cross facility
9. I'm trying to make my own compost
10. I like to work in my garden for a couple of months, then I get bored with it
11. I'm terrified of losing my husband and children
12. My favorite dessert is cheesecake
13 I would be heartbroken if Brady got lost
14. I'm often overwhelmed at the amount of responsibility I have
15. I drove a Razz moped in high school
16. Dave thinks I'm a dork because I drove a moped in high school
17. I worked in a gas station in high school
18. I worked 3rd shift in a factory the summer between high school and college
19. We put the screen printing on the visor extentions for cars
20. I was a hostess and waitress at Bill Knapps
21. I would love to be a waitress right now if our schedule and child care situation worked out
22. I want to go back to school to become a nurse
23. I drink my coffee black
24. I like the flavor of cherry, but I do not like cherries
26. I like bananas, but I do not like the flavor of banana
27. I would love to live in the city
28. I'm claustrophobic and have panic attacks
29. I wasn't claustrophobic and didn't have a panic attack until I was pregnant with Nora
30. I have very little interest in visiting Europe
31. I play the piano and the trumpet
32. I taught myself to play the flute
33. I want to learn to play the oboe
34. I do not enjoy being pregnant
35. I enjoy labor and delivery
36. I witnessed an autopsy of a stabbing victim
37. I held his testes (not testicles) and gallbladder in my hands
38. 2/3 of the right side of my face was burned by boiling beer when I was a freshman in college
39. My sister is my best friend - NOW
40. I'm as big of a White Sox fan as Dave is
41. My walls in my bedroom (when I was a kid) were decorated with newspaper articles about the Detroit Pistons - Bad Boys Rule!
42. I taught myself how to do difficult dives
43. I have to have 2 shots of novacain when I get cavaties filled
44. I like red wine, but I'm learning to like white
45. I do my crossword puzzles with an ink pen
46. I separated my pubic symphisis while delivering Georgia
47. I've never broken a bone
48. The biggest reason I can't wait until the girls are old enough to stay home by themselves (or we can afford a babysitter) is so that I can play tennis with Dave
49. I played catcher in softball throughout junior high
50. I didn't try out for softball in high school because I didn't know how to bunt (and didn't realize they'd teach me)
51. I thought Dave was quite a piece of work when I first met him
52. I delivered Nora and Ryann without any drugs during labor/delivery or pain medication afterward
53. I re-taught myself how to knit
54. Sometimes I throw things when I'm angry
55. I really hate it that I throw things when I'm angry
56. I like to iron
57. But I don't like it that Dave wears a dress shirt EVERY day
57. I LOVE to bake
58. I turned 30 on April 1, 2006
59. I still think I'm 22, which is why I feel like I'm really too young to have 3 small children
60. I want to be like my gram when I grow up
61. I like the discipline of dieting - I feel like if I'm disciplined in one area I am more disciplined in others
62. I am VERY into my routine. I'm not a fan of anything messing up my routine or schedule 63. My routine issue is the reason why having a newborn is so difficult for me for the first 2 months
64. I spelled my middle name Lee for the first 13 years of my life - and I wished it was spelled Leigh
65. When I got my first job and had to provide my birth certificate we found out it was actually spelled Leigh - Yea!
66. My parents disagreed with how to spell my middle name... my mom won because she filled out my birth certificate
67. My dad calls me Squirty
68. My sister calls me Lana
69. I get pulled over for speeding A LOT
70. I include 2 speeding tickets in our annual budget every year
71. I get out of the tickets more often than not
72. The best weasel out of a ticket was: Officer:"Why are you in such a hurry?" Me: "Actually I'm really just trying to get home to sit on the couch." Officer: "Merry Christmas!" LOL!!!
73. I like to watch (some) reality shows
74. I am fascinated by human behavior and thought processes
75. I wil NOT dress my kids in the same outfits, different sizes
76. I have a mental list of why I do not want to have sons
77. My biggest parenting goal/wish is to raise 3 young women with healthy self-esteems who are kind, generous, compassionate, God-fearing, sincere, respectful, and loving
78. Many people comment that they like my laugh
79. I laugh a lot
80. Even though they might be inappropriate, I laugh so hard at "man with no arms and no legs" jokes - so much so that I cry
81. I can be quite sarcastic at times
82. My sarcasm has (predictably) gotten me into trouble many times
83. I think people find me to be unapproachable when they first see me - even though I try so hard not to be that way
84. I am often misunderstood or mischaracterized
85. I get incredibly hurt when I am mischaracterized
86. I make decisions based on what is the "grown-up" thing to do - not necessarily what is the easiest thing to do
87. I wish more people would make "grown-up" decisions
88. I am not very future-oriented, I am a very practical, right-now person
89. Dave is a visionary, future-oriented person - we compliment each other very well
90. I handle all of the bills/finances in our family. Dave does the investing (obviously)
91. The first new car I bought was a '98 Sunfire and the only option I wanted was power locks so I could drive to Dave's college house in the ghetto
92. I wish I had an Atari set with Frogger, Qbert and Asteroids
93. I love to learn - I would love to go back to Calvin and just take whatever classes I wanted to take
94. I don't feel old enough or responsible enough to raise children
95. I love to get the mail
96. I'm disgusted by the health care/insurance industry, but feel helpless to change anything
97. I always have to be doing something. I cannot just sit and do nothing - even watch tv - I have to pick up the family room or eat or do a crossword puzzle - something!
98. I don't have a lot of very close friends, but the ones I have are my favorite people in the world
99. I have a really difficult time with relationships that are one-sided
100. My eyes aren't really a color - they're kind of grayish
101. I wish I watched less tv and read more
102. I save the thing I like most on plate to eat last - then by the time I get to it I'm usually full (but I shove it in anyway
103. Oprah somewhat reminds me of one of my good friends (who lives in california). While I'm not a die-hard Oprah fan, I watch it almost everyday because it is comforting to me.


Amanda 11:30 PM  

No way...#22 would be the same for me too! :)

JD 6:56 AM  

Amanda - we can go back to school together since our babies are so close in age and I can't go back until my youngest is in school - oh and the money tree grows in the back yard. I'll let you know how that's going.

Mommy Brain 7:35 AM  

#102 You know alot about yourself!

I was reading this list and wondered if I knew that much about myself? I think that's great because sometimes we can get lost in motherhood.

So you are athletic, musical, smart and do crossword there anything you don't do? Way to go! I wish I had had the chance to meet you in person, promise not to prejudge you or be afraid.=)

biermadoc 9:17 AM  

Ummmmmmm. Testes and testicles are the same thing.

Amanda 10:00 AM  

Doc, I was thinking the same thing. Jana, does the money tree grow enough for 2 tuitions??? :)

JD 10:08 AM  

I thought the testicles were the outside package and the testes were what was in it. I held what was inside...

Amanda 11:30 AM  

EWWWWWWW!!!! Gross!!!!

JD 12:02 PM  

I know, I know - gross, but that is what happened. I will expand later, however, my point is not to be the anatomy queen, however, I wanted to clarify that I wasn't groping this man's genitals while the ME was performing the autopsy (or after the autopsy or at any time actually;)

biermadoc 12:12 PM  

Testicles are the inside thingies and the scrotum is the outside baggy

one hot momma 12:52 PM  

You have challenged me to think of 100 things about myself. One that we have in common is that I too like to iron. My friends DO NOT understand this about me and even threatened to throw my iron and ironing board in the trash when I went on vacation. All I could say to that is that I have a really expensive iron and I would hope she not throw that away! She didn't, and when I asked her why she said, "because you said your iron was expensive!" HA!

I can't wait to meet you, I love people that love to laugh!

Carol 3:21 PM  

Laura, today we were shopping in Colonial Williamsburg and I saw a play ironing board and cutest little iron you ever did see and thought Lainey would love it...then decided to not put the "love/need or ironing curse" onto your little Alaina! But your clothes, sheets, pillowcases, t-shirts, socks, underwear, bras, etc. are always so neatly pressed.

Carol 3:21 PM  

JD -- cool info. I love reading about you! You're very interesting and funny.

Manic Mom 9:49 AM  

Ooh, I like you as a person, I can tell. What is up with the boiling beer though?

Carol 9:16 PM  

J.D. -- here's one my dad made up: What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs in a lion's den?


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