Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thanks a whole lot.

Remember my PD? (Pregnancy Date?) I will remind you once again in case you forgot...

A couple of days after I found out I was pregnant with Georgia, I happened to call a friend of mine from church to ask if she wanted to get involved in something with me. When she answered the phone she didn't seem quite right and I asked if everything was okay. She said, "I'm having a baby." I very excitedly said, "ME TOO!" Of course we asked what each other's due dates were - hers was November 17th, mine was November 15th. How fun. Wait - its better. We go to the same OB so we decided to go to all of our prenatal appointments together and go on a little date afterward. We had so much fun, the doctor loved us, the nurses loved us (and really, who wouldn't love us?)

But not only did we go to all of our appointments and dates together, but we had our babies on the same day. In the same hospital. 2 hours apart. Naturally Georgia and Hannah are BFFs - they don't have a choice:)

We got to be really good friends during those 9 months and beyond, but we had a problem - we lived 40 minutes apart. It was difficult to see each other much more than at church. She has 4 kids with different schedules and I have my 3 so trying to find times to hang out was hard.

Right after Christmas she found a house 5 minutes from me and they bought it. How happy was I??!! She also has a 4 year old, so Nora and Olivia have become BFFs to the max. When they moved we had a discussion and made a pact that we would babysit eachother's kids for free whenever it was needed, tell each other no if we couldn't and be honest about it, but most importantly, we both agreed that our kids were no longer guests at each other's house and they would be treated like our own children (and she brought up that last part).

I've kept my end of the bargain. She hasn't. Nora and Ryann go over there and get the royal treatment. I've talked to her about this, but she hasn't changed... I treat Olivia like my own child. I think Olivia is severely getting the raw end of the deal since she has to be a hostess to my girls at her house and then she's treated like everyone else at my house...

So that brings us to todays original posting idea (wow that was a long, round about way of getting there):

A couple of days ago I was having lunch with the girls and I was asking them what their favorite ____ was. Favorite food. Favorite color. Favorite animal. Etc. etc. Then to be funny I said, "Who is your favorite mom?" Without even the slightest hesitation Nora says, "PD". Yup. PD is her favorite mom. So happy to hear that. Then I asked, "Who is your favorite dad?" I fully expected her to say "PD's husband" because it would fit with the theme. Nope. Her response: "Daddy."

So I'm home with her 24/7. I feed her. I dress her. I play with her. I provide every need for her. I hug her. I kiss her. I cuddle her. I GAVE BIRTH TO HER WITH NO DRUGS. And PD is her favorite mom. Nice.


Jen 1:45 PM  

OK, shot Diet Coke out my nose! LMAO! No gratitude whatsoever. How fun for you to have someone to bond with like that.

Melissa :) 1:51 PM  

ROFL!!!! In all seriousness, what a BLESSING to have such a close, honest best friend. Blah, blah, I've said it a million times. To you. :) And what a fun thing to celectrate together - new babies! How cool is that?!?! I hope you know how lucky & blessed you are with all your friends. I don't have that at all - so I try to tell everyone that does have "that" not to take one day for granted. Not one day. You go girl(s). :)

Heaven Sent 2:24 PM  

Too funny -- kids will humble you every time! My mom always told me that and now I'm just waiting for those types of comments from my little spitfire. I KNOW I will hear them often if it makes you feel any better! (Okay, I know it doesn't!) Maybe this story will:

I was watching my girlfriend's almost 3-year-old daughter a few weeks ago. I know she's pretty independent for her age and my friend always said she kinda let her play by herself, but I figure every kids likes a playmate, especially an adult. Sooo, she's coloring and I offer to write her name on her paper and she says in her 3-year-old voice: "Um, can I do this please? I'd really like to do this." Blink, blink. Uh, okay. You're on your own kid! :o)

Amanda 3:20 PM  

HA!!!! THAT is funny! Melissa's right (Melissa, since you and I are in the same boat, how about if you and I become BFF??? Only one of us would have to uproot our families...wanna live in Michigan?? LOL!:) Cherish it, are one blessed woman! :)

Missy 4:35 PM  

it's rough isn't it jana! LOL I'd feel sorry for you but I've been to sorry feeling sorry for myself. Eric and Sam had their first overnight with a friend of mine and her children..... picked them up 36 long hours later... ok it wasn't long on our part but I fully expected them to jump and scream and hug when we walked in. NOPE, hi mom, hi dad hang on I'm playing..... and then on the way to the car I said (shot myself in the foot here) "did you miss mommy?".... NOPE I missed Macy though (the dog) ARGGGGGG I knew I didn't like that dog!

Carol 5:09 PM  

It's our priveledge to "dote" over our friend's children and make them wanna prefer us over their mom -- we'll try, anyways. Right, Laura?????? (Oh, Honey!!!)

Mommy Brain 6:49 PM  

That's so great...but ask her who she would like to tuck her in at night...I have two BFF's who spoil and pamper my two youngest children they are refered to as "Oh Honey" aunts...sometimes when my little cherubs are being demanding I will invite the Oh Honey aunts over just to take the kids off my works great! But I would give PD the auntie title and save the mommy title for the woman who deserves it...YOU!

kkoois 7:18 PM  

that's what you get for finding new BFF's...

Carol 7:38 PM  

Kim -- LMBO!

one hot momma 10:31 PM  

ok, ok, so I haven't been blogging lately and totally missed this whole thing, but I'm with Mommy Brain and Carol, go with the Auntie name, actually you could go this way...Mrs. Auntie Laura or Auntie Mrs. Carol...anyway, I think that you should try the Oh Honey auntie thing...sometimes it's really fun to Oh Honey your BFF's kids and give them lots of extra ice cream and cake at birthday parties!

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