Friday, August 18, 2006

Your happy place

Mommy Brain came up with a great blogging game idea yesterday... I'll put it into motion.

And yes, Kim, you have to play.

Yesterday I posted a picture of a corner in my house that makes me happy when I look at it. Its dumb really - three colors and straight lines meeting, but nonetheless it makes me happy to look at it.

There have got to be some spots or things in your house that make you happy...

Maybe you feel happy just looking at something like I do with my corner. Maybe you have happy memories associated with an item or a piece of furniture (no beds allowed, please;). Maybe there is a special book, article, piece of clothing that makes you happy. Whatever it is, take a picture and post it on your blog* and leave a comment here when you've posted so we'll all know to go look and comment on your happy place.

I'll try to find another happy thing in my house, although off the top of my head I realize that I already posted most of them - my stripes, my corner and my cabinets:) I'm sure I'll find another and I'll post it at the bottom of this post.

*If you don't have a blog, post a comment describing or explaining your happy place/item.


Anonymous 8:54 AM  

okay so i want to get in on your happy game. for now i would say my yard/landscape is my happy place. my flowers and garden are looking stellar this year! this is my first year that my vegetable garden hasn't gone to weeds- we have beans and we can eat them!!! anyways much to tims dismay i'm going to have to set up a blog and get in on the fun! have a good day!

kkoois 9:18 AM  


Missy 10:42 AM  

People are going to look at me funny when I take a picture of myself on the couch at Caribou Coffee! LOL
I'll try to think of something else :)

Amanda 12:20 PM  

Natalie...get yourself a blog and start posting!

one hot momma 9:20 PM  

I second that emotion...jump in girl, I did! No peer pressure here, I don't even know you! YET, look out this girlfriends blog circle can be quite magnetic! Come join us!

one hot momma 9:23 PM  

so, does the happy place have to be an actual place in our house? what are the rules??? I must follow the rules you know!

Jen 9:47 PM  

I have only lived here a month. I need some time to find a happy place. I think. I'll get back to ya. . .

Hey Nat! Good to "see" ya!

Carol 7:42 AM  

my happy place - in front of my computer, of course!

I also like to sit on my patio and face the lake behind my house, with my feet up, with a cup of coffee on the table next to me and read.

Anonymous 1:40 PM  

it's natalie again. i just made the most thrilling discovery!!! i just realized that one hot momma is my cousin! it's me natalie (of the skip and lois clan in case you have other cousins named natalie) what an exciting little dutch world we live in that you know my friends!!hope all is well with you guys!! i will leave a post on your blog too!

one hot momma 2:29 PM  

natalie...I was going to ask you, but thought it would be too wierd of me to ask...sooooooo wierd, this dutch world I mean!!! So now that you know so many dutch bloggers, why not start your own??? Let's go girl!

Mommy Brain 3:28 PM  

Ok, since it was my suggestion I'll go first. Please come take a look.

one hot momma 7:26 AM  

I'll go too! Come take a looksee!:)

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