Thursday, August 10, 2006

I would call, but this is easier

As a stay at home mom, sometimes I wonder what kinds of things really make my life exciting. I mean, I get excited about my girls and their wonderful accomplishments - like Ryann naming letters, Georgia crawling, and Nora drawing houses - but really, on a daily basis my life is not tremendously exciting. I get up, work out, take a shower, eat breakfast, pick up the kitchen, do some laundry, pick Nora up from summer camp, make lunch, do some laundry, put the girls down for their naps, clean up the house, make dinner, eat dinner, play, put the girls to bed. Thats my basic daily routine - sounds like buckets of fun, doesn't it?

In general I feel like I live a pretty boring life. I am happy - extremely happy - and I wouldn't have things any other way, but really, life around here is routine (my preference) and somewhat mundane. My girls make me happy, but they aren't exciting everyday. Then every once in a while something happens that is so exciting I have to tell the world all about it - I call people and I blog about it to share my excitement with everyone I know.

Today was one of those days.

It stormed here this morning. You know what that means? It means that PG's car needed to be parked in the driveway to rinse some of that egg smell off of it so my garage could smell normal again. So I backed the car out of the garage and as I did so I found the most amazing, incredible thing on the front seat of the car.

I looked down and my heart skipped a beat. It couldn't possibly be... Seriously? I picked it up, turned it over in my hands like a precious gem - careful not to drop it or to lose any time examining it further. I had seen commercials for this, but I had never seen it in person. I always thought I would want one and now I could try it out before purchasing one of my own. My life just got better in those few seconds.

Today is marked as a truly exciting day because I found this. And I'm not sure they are ever getting it back.


Jen 1:11 PM  

Can you take me high enough?!?!?!?

Every rose has it's thorn. . .

I have that CD and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Enjoy and be careful or Baby Girl #4 will show up soon. . . :-)

Amanda 2:20 PM  

I think that's a fair trade for having your garage smell like eggs in the heat of summer! :) And I agree with careful!!! :)

Missy 7:24 PM  

ROFL~ !!! All I can say is I got this for Christmas...


just me, Melissa :) 9:23 PM  

I'm confused. ;)

Missy 9:56 PM  


So how'd I do :)

JD 10:28 PM  

What are you confused about?

You did great:)

melissa, again :) 10:44 PM  

Heck, I thought you found a dadgum diamond. You found music? LOL! :)

melissa, yet again :) 10:50 PM  

I'm eating Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. They're stale! Isn't that like, illegal? I don't want to take up space on my blog, so I thought I'd take up space on yours & post my comment here. LOL!! :) :)

me i need a name anymore? :) 10:55 PM  

Hey, I just checked Amanda's blog, & it says "it's time, off to the hospital". I tried to comment, but I can't unless I'm a Xanga member....?

Kary 6:21 AM  

Gross. What is wrong with you people? All I can think of when I hear that music is sweaty hair. You should really try some good ol' American bluegrass. How about some southern gospel? Even Phish is better~I promise.

kkoois 8:26 AM  

that's a riot! i think i would have been just as excited. can we listen to it when i come over for coffee next time?

JD 10:22 AM  

Melissa:) -
I didn't just find music - I found the soundtrack to my youth. And I think I would have been more excited to find this than to find a diamond, to be honest:)

Stale peanut butter cups - what a good excuse to go to the store and by a brand new bag.

Kary - suggest some good ol' blue grass and I'll check it out. We studied bluegrass in that music class that I posted about - i really enjoyed it, but since i'm not hip into bluegrass i have no idea who is good and what i would want to listen to.

Mommy Brain 3:38 PM  

Try this link and listen to "Boondocks" it's new but still has that country bluegrass feel. I think the video is a little creepy but the harmony is amazing! Not sure how to add a link you can click have to settle with cut and paste.

Missy 8:25 PM  

I've been inspired! LOL See Missy link above :)

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