Wednesday, August 16, 2006


And the secret project is revealed!

Here is the before picture:

Note the water/sun damage on the door. All of the doors looked like this and the kitchen just never felt clean because of it. The cabinets were basically the same color as the floor so it just always felt dark and dirty to me.

And here are the After photos:

The main color is called Khaki Beige - it is the same greenish/beige that is seen throughout the rest of my house - the family room, my bedroom, the medium color in my stripes.

The light color is two shades lighter than Khaki Beige, called Shady White. This is the same color as the ceiling in my bedroom and family room and the lightest color in my stripes.

I am mostly pleased with the results - it has brightened up the kitchen tremendously. I love it! And I got all new knobs and hinges - so no more dark, dirty bronze knobs and hinges, now we have brushed nickle. HOWEVER, if you look closely you'll notice that there are some doors that are not entirely closed - this is not because I'm lazy and don't close the doors - its because they WON'T close! The new hinges don't exactly fit the doors, so now the doors overlap each other by about 1/8" and for the cupboards that don't have 2 doors... they don't close either because the hinges are too loose... I am unhappy with this result, but not sure how to fix it. Eventually I'll call our favorite handymand and have him come out to fix them all.

So isn't it as amazing and fabulous as I told you it was?!!

*I'm not an idiot - I know it is actually spelled Voila;)

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Jen 1:33 PM  

Wow. You are Ty. Looks AWESOME!! And you did all that with 3 little girls is tow?!

Heaven Sent 1:57 PM  

You are so Ty -- very impressive! How nice to be able to walk in your kitchen knowing YOU did that all by your little self! Now... what's next?? :o)

Melissa :) 2:11 PM  

You go girl. Looks purdy. :)

Amanda 2:26 PM  

Jana, that looks great! And I'm impressed that Kim didn't leak any info after being held hostage last week. I notice the bars aren't on the kitchen windows...did you take those off so we wouldn't turn you in? :)
Awesome job, girlfriend...I'll let you know when I need help with one of MY home improvement projects. Surely you could come to MI for a while?? :)

Missy 2:33 PM  

good glory woman! How did you find time to do that with the little ones! Did they eat? LOL

Looks wonderful! I'm not only impressed but wanting to get a new kitchen now!

Amanda 2:57 PM  

Now if we can just get the scoop on the redheaded accordion player...

biermadoc 3:47 PM  

You have two ovens?! I'm jealous

JD 5:18 PM  

are you kidding me? Two ovens? Nope - the bottom thing is the broiler.

kkoois 5:28 PM  

it looks even better in person!!

Carol 7:39 PM  

1 - I am an idiot, because I did not know the "real" spelling of Wah-Lah!

2 - What in the *&%$ are you talking about when you say, "the medium color in my stripes". I never noticed that you had stripes before. Of course, with that accordian and red hair, it distracted me, I guess.

3 - My husband could be your favorite handyman, if you want! I'm not as jealous as I used to be...I share now.

4 - Totally wonderful secret project. I love the colors. You are talented! And ambitious!

5 - Now that you've answered our secret project questions, when are you going to answer our red hair/accordion questions. Of course, I already know the origination of that picture on your blog! I wanna see the real J.D.!

one hot momma 10:25 PM  

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I am so very impressed! You did an awesome job! You really need to send the before and after pictures into better homes and gardens or Taste of Home Magazine, you could win some money girl!!!! BRAVO! My handyman says that the hinges can be easily fixed and you'll be completely happy with your beautiful CLEAN, uncluttered new kitchen!!! I love it!!!

Mommy Brain 2:17 AM  
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Mommy Brain 2:19 AM  

Sorry about the deleted comment, it's 2am and my fingers don't always type what I'm telling them to. Everything looks great! Congratulations on a beautiful kitchen! I love paint don't you? It changes the look of tell us are you inspired to cook more now?

Kary 9:24 PM  

It looks beautiful. I love it. Ben builds furniture. I'm sure he could tell you what to do.

Anonymous 5:05 PM  

is ben amish?

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