Monday, September 04, 2006

Pictures from the weekend

Every Labor Day weekend we go to my Gramp's and Gram's cottage for the weekend. Gram becomes a "mom" and this mom becomes a vegetable. I spend the entire weekend sitting on the porch looking at the lake, reading a book, and getting sunburned. Dave spends the weekend catching (ghost) fish and trying to convince us that he actually caught something. The girls spend the weekend getting to know Gram and Gramp and eating all kinds of treats that they wouldn't normally get at home. They get spoiled. I get spoiled. Dave "catches fish".

Being goofy on the bunk bed

Georgia playing with Gram's bucket o' toys. (I would dress her in these elf jammies all day every day if I could - I just love them:)

And the result of the weekend is:

I didn't have enough memory space on my camera to get any more pictures, but everyone was sleeping on the way home except for the fisherman.

We always have such a nice weekend. Its relaxing and its tiring. And we get to spend some quality time with Gram and Gramp without anyone else to occupy ours or their time and attention. Its good. Very good.

Thanks Gramps and Gram! We love you! Posted by Picasa


Missy 8:43 PM  

Welcome Home! Love the pictures of your girls, they are so cute and girly! What a fun tradition. Rick catches the same kind of fish when we go up north! Maybe we're at the same lake! LOL

Jen 9:49 PM  

How sweet! Love Georiga's pjs. Sounds like a great weekend. And FYI, you got to see Kimmy and I didn't. :-P

Heaven Sent 10:15 PM  

Sounds heavenly -- my kind of vacation! The photos are so cute. What is more adorable than a sleeping princess and babies in PJs?! Add a pointy hood to the mix, and I'm total mush!

Mommy Brain 9:16 AM  

Your girls are soooo sweet! I love MI lakes...wish I knew someone with a cottage! Glad you guys had a good time!

Sarah 7:48 AM  

Your girls are absolutely beautiful!!

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