Saturday, September 09, 2006

10 months

Oh my gosh - I have the cutest children in the history of children:) They are so cute! I just love them!

I'm glad I've gotten that out of the way - I'm sorry to have dashed your opinions of your own children, but it is a fact that my children are the cutest children ever created. So thats all I'm going to say about that;)

Georgia is 10 months old today. I said that at breakfast and Dave did one of these: Sigh, "Wow." Kind of a deflated wow - like Wow, I can't believe how fast that went. Wasn't it just yesterday that PD and I were racing to push these babies out and I was informing the doctor that even though she had been in the hospital 2 hours longer than me if we both got to 10 at the same time, I got to go first because I didn't have an epidural?Wasn't it just yesterday that we heard "Its a girl!" and the next thing out of our mouths was, "Look at that hair!"? Wow.She is no longer a baby, she is a pre-toddler if there is such a thing.

She is crawling like a mad woman and pulling herself up on everything. She hasn't started cruising yet - I'm beginning to understand that this last child of ours is quite cautious about life. She does things when she's comfortable and when she's ready - no one is going to coax her to do things faster than that. And I'm happy with that philosophy:) She is all over the place - and always with a smile on her face -------->

Her schedule is still the same as before, but we've added some food to her delightful palate. She loves avacados - in fact, if I'm cutting one for her she yells at me until she's got it in her mouth. She yells for her 1/2 of a banana every morning. She loves frozen peas, carrots, & corn and canned green beans. She eats apples, pears, strawberries, melon, pineapple, cheese, pancakes, bread, rice, baby gold fish crackers, graham crackers, a cookie here and there and just about anything I dare give her. She loves finger food and would prefer that over baby food.

In fact, she's pretty sick of baby food, I think. When I feed her the meat varieties she pushes it out of her mouth, grabs it with her hand and then wipes it in her hair. Its really nice. She and I got into a fight about it one morning (she was doing that with her cereal- that was the last time I gave her cereal). But who can blame her - pureed meat? Um, ick...

She is still a talky talk and chatters constantly. Dave says that she just feels a need to inject a noise into the conversation sometimes. Its quite funny, actually. She just yells or "talks" all the time. I play follow the leader with her and the noises - I let her lead and then I copy and she thinks it is hysterical!

She loves to bug her sister, Ryann. Not so much with Nora for some reason. She doesn't bother Nora, but she is always taking things from Ryann, climbing on Ryann, pulling Ryann's hair, etc. And Dave and I are evil parents because we watch it happen and don't stop her from doing it;) What comes around goes around, Ryann:)

Again, I have to say she is truly a delightful baby. She always, always has a smile on her face and lights up when she sees anyone. She will let anyone hold her. She will let anyone babysit her. She will play on her own. She is such a joy! She will knock you out of any kind of bad mood you might be in - such a sweet, fun child:) We love our little Bug:)

This is the smile that is always on her face ------>
Her jaw has got to hurt from having it open that wide all the time...

This is Georgia's version of waving. She gets so excited about it that she shoves her hands in her mouth:) She also does "So Big" but I couldn't get her to do it for the camera. Posted by Picasa


Doni Brinkman 2:58 PM  

I have to admit. I want to run over and kiss those precious cheeks! She is a beauty no doubt! No argument from me:)

Missy 8:09 PM  

She is one sweet looking girl! I'd love to hear the giggle that goes with that smile.

Melissa :) 9:55 PM  

You are right, she is gorgeous, & you do have the most beautiful children in the world. Right behind mine. LOL!! :)

Cailyn actually weined herself off of baby food at quite a young age. Ok with me! As long as it wasn't a hazard, I let her eat it. And yes, my little darling wipes food all in her ears & in her hair. Gross. She also puts food down her shirt, & under her chin. Haven't figured that out yet but my Cailyn is one nasty girl!!! :)

Carol 7:00 AM  

I've got Georgia on my mind...because she is oh so cute! Happy 10 month old day! Great picture taking, JD!

Carrie 2:33 PM  

She is definitely one gorgeous little girl! And just the thing that I needed after the morning I've had! Thanks for sharing your pictures so that your little Bug can brighten up our days as well!

Heaven Sent 4:03 PM  

Happy 10 months, bug! You are such a little cutie with that sweet smile. I can tell you are truly a joy to be around, just like your mama says!

And mama, looks like you're doing just as good of a job with this peanut as you did with your other two. She looks about as happy as can be!!!

kkoois 4:26 PM  

can't believe she is 10 months already. seems like only yesterday when i got the phone call from that you were pregnant. (i think i write that for every month update on her :)
she's adorable!!

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