Monday, September 11, 2006

10 months

I was looking through all of my pictures on the computer this morning and wondering where in the world the time went. I love looking through those pictures and remembering my girls at those ages. I just can't believe how quickly they grow up!

Here they all are at 10 months:




Look - they all have their 2 bottom teeth and their mouths wide open! So cute:) Posted by Picasa


Jen 2:12 PM  

The 2 teeth was the first thing I noticed too! How cute!

Heaven Sent 4:05 PM  

Toofies are the cutest! I see a resemblence with Georgia and Nora, but not so much with Ryann. But all three are gorgeous. That's one lucky Daddy to have such four lovely ladies in one house. Well, lucky until the boys start coming around... :o)

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