Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yes, I'm patting myself on the back.

Since I actually am the reigning Mother of the Year 2005 it is seriously disappointing that I totally forgot to take Nora's first-day-of-school photo.

So I took her 7th day of school photo yesterday...

First day of school 2005 (really - it was her first day of school - hence the reason I won the award last year):
And her 3rd or 4th day of school 2004:

I'm just saying that my front-runner status for the 2006 award is jeopardized.


confused melissa :) 1:35 PM  

I'm confused. I didn't "know" you all those years ago - how old is Nora? And is she really in school, or preschool? I'm soooooooooooooooo confused!

cousin Jen 2:40 PM  

Wow, she has grown a lot! I should get the mother of the year award...I took Jordan's picture on his first day last year and this year!
Nora looks so little in 2004!

JD 3:44 PM  

Nora started preschool when she was 2 1/2 (it was blissful and she loved it). She turns 5 in January so she couldn't go to K this year - this is her third year of preschool. So wishing we could afford to send Ryann this year - she would love it!

JD 3:44 PM  

Jen -
In my opinion, since you've remembered to do that for two years in a row, you definitely deserve the award this year:)

Jen 8:36 PM  

Dang! I'm Mother of the Year! I took first day pics every year since pre-school. I even took Open House Night pics.

Wish I knew that was all it took. . .well, that and not letting your baby fall asleep on the kitchen rug.

Missy 9:26 PM  

well if basing mother of the year off of first day pics can I just say that I have one of Kayla (10th grade) and all her younger brothers on all their first days! I even got Eric's first day and I had jury duty! HA LOL

Oh BTW, Nora is adorable and isn't it fun to see how much she's changed in the 3 years.

Heaven Sent 2:21 PM  

She has grown so much...but she still has that adorable smile! That 2004 photo is priceless...

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