Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What kind of cutie are you?

We have some wonderful friends who are like family to us. They do wonderful things for us like babysit our girls. We have been swapping babysitting for several years now and our girls feel very at home in their house and very much love Doug and Jenny and the boys.

Apparently Jenny has been calling Georgia a Cutie Pie when she's over there. Nora and Ryann started calling her that, too, a few weeks ago. Soon that was the only way they referred to her... "Oh, Cutie Pie is going to bed." "Cutie Pie spit up." Etc. Etc.

So one such day Dave and I were playing with the three of them and asked Ryann if she was a cutie pie. She very adamantly said, "No, GEORgia is a cutie pie." So we asked her if she was a "Cutie Cake" and her answer was no.

We went through the list of every kind of dessert we could think of:
Cutie Ice cream cone? No
Cutie Cookie? No
Cutie Bananas Foster? Cutie Cheesecake? (mmmm. cheesecake) Cutie Brownie? Cutie Candy? No, No, No, and No. The list went on and on.

Finally she told us that she is a Cutie Donut and that is final...

Sometimes we ask her, "Ryann, are you a Cutie Cake?" and she says, "NO! I'm a cutie doNUT!" Other times we'll ask her, "Ryann, what are you?" and she says in the sweetest voice ever, "I'm a cutie donut."

And she just happens to be the best cutie donut ever:)


Heaven Sent 4:20 PM  

Duh! Of course, she's a cutie donut... I could've told you that! :o)

kkoois 4:24 PM  

i'm a "Cutie Tiramisu" - multi-layered, creamy, and soaked in rum.

kkoois 4:36 PM  

cute post! i love stories like that. kids have such interesting minds.

Carol 5:12 PM  

Cutie Miller Lite?

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