Friday, September 22, 2006

Dave thinks I'm a dork because I drove a moped in high school

So in the chicagoland area it wasn't cool to drive a moped. As evidenced by the fact that Dave makes fun of me any time I mention it AND by the comment that BFWW left on my Razz post.

Dear BFWW:

Shut it, would you?


Did you think I was serious when I said I was cool in Junior High? Hello? Is anyone cool in Junior High? I certainly was not! I'm sure we all have our horror stories of junior high, my most memorable one was being called Freddy Krueger because I had zits before anyone else did. Junior High kids are so nice... I secretly jumped up and down when that kid got pretty bad acne in high school (while my face was clear from seeing the dermatologist). What was your secret junior high revenge?
getting to know me in 100 days - day 16


kkoois 8:44 AM  

dear bfww,

sorry, can't help myself. it was a moped.


biermadoc 4:11 PM  

My best revenge against the evil ones in junior high is being a successful pediatrician and marrying the hottest girl in highschool and college (same girl). I've even had the occasional evil one bring their evil child to me as a patient and ask advice on their development. HA!

Tim 4:59 PM  

Dave is right

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