Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Two randoms...

A Thinker

Went out for dinner with a friend last night. She asked the following question: Name three sermons that you will remember for the rest of your life.

I could name one. So whats my problem? Do I go to church and not listen? Do I not get anything out of the sermons? Do I sleep through it all? Do I have a hard time retaining information?

I don't believe any of those are true. I think the answer is that I haven't had enough life experiences to truly have 3 sermons that I will remember for the rest of my life. The one that I could name hit me at a rough time and was the exact thing I needed to hear at that time.

How about you? Tell me about 3 sermons that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Dancing With The Stars

Dear Joey Lawrence:
Since you are my new tv boyfriend, I feel compelled to ask you why, oh why did you wear such a hideous shirt last night? You are so grown up and beautiful now that you shaved your head. But why choose such an atrocity to show to the world?

But you are lovely dancer and I love you. Thank you for being a c-list star and trying to ressurect your career on this show. You are yummy.

Dear AC Slater:
I don't know your real name... it doesn't matter, you will never be anything other than AC Slater and your friend will never be anything other than Zach Morris. What happened to Zach anyway? Did he and Kelly get married - what's up with them?

You did a great job, but naughty, naughty. You HAVE to stay legal. Don't you understand what this show is all about? You did a good job of showing remorse when you got chastised, although with your incredible ADD issue I'm sure you were thinking of something entirely different in your head. I could watch you be ADD for an hour.

Please tell Zach and Kelly that I say hi and tell whats her name to keep her clothes on.

Dear Emmit Smith:
I like you, twinkletoes. Impressive, but not good enough, I'm afraid.

Dear Harry Hamlin:
You look really, really old. You were HOT last night.

Dear Time Fillers (aka: rest of the contestants):
I don't know who you are. Hope this helps your careers - good luck with that.


Heaven Sent 1:17 PM  

You are so funny! AC Slater can shake his have to admit! But I totally agree with the ADD thing. LOL! And Joey did really good last night, but I do think he could've showed that lovely smile more!

Oh yeah, can't think of a sermon right now. Sad when I can easily remember the shirt Joey wore last night. Okay, I'm off to pray for forgiveness...

Melissa :) 1:28 PM  

Mitch called Joey a leprechaun last night. Haha!

AC = Mario Lopez. He is so dadgum cute, even though I hate him. I don't blame him for not doing the proper dance - I blame his partner. She is the one teaching the dances.

I take in all sermons, but like you I couldn't quote any. The one I remember was about "honoring your mother & father" because I despise my biological parents! That is the only reason that particular sermon stood out. :)

PS - you have a friend? Heehee... ;)

PS again from melissa :) 1:29 PM  

Harry Hamlin's wifey poo makes me want to VOMIT!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........

cousin Jen 3:50 PM  

3 sermons: (My Dad is a think I should think of 30, but most of the sermons I remember is from our current pastor.)

My Dad: why bad things happen to good people

Pastor Paul: living outside the box (why do we define ourselves with boxes?)

Purpose Driven Life sermons: living life with direction

that is what comes to mind...

heidi jo 11:55 PM  

1. our first (and last) at a church we FIRST visited in san antonio... all about money and SO off-balance - ridiculously so... made us want to vomit.
2. the second church we went to AFTER that where they too were doing an ENTIRE SERIES on God and your money! i was VERY WORRIED up front but SOOOO refreshed to hear the most genuine use of scripture to talk about what God says about money in scripture.. it wasn't about getting rich because God "wants you to prosper" but rather a reminder of God's instruction not to store up treasure on earth and about being conscious not to equate prosperity, especially as mentioned in the Bible, to financial wealth.. prosperity can come in so many forms when gifted by God.
3. a recent viewing of a dvd recorded sermon by bill hybels of willow creek in illinois - about servanthood - being like Christ,draping the serving towel over my arm to serve others - very impacting... from the "Living Beyond Myself" series.

Mommy Brain 8:18 AM  

Joey's green shirt was nasty, Mario is HOT and when Harry came on my daughter says, "He's cute!" You should have seen the look Doug gave her! Hee Hee!

I don't have enough brain power to answer the sermon question...Wesley is hanging on me and sort of sucks the life out of me.

Jennifer 12:50 PM  

awww now...fillers? Even though Sara Evans doesn't dance THAT have to like her cause she's a mom w/ 3 kids and she has that baby belly but still looks good in jeans!

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