Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A few of my favorites

This is how I caught him one day. Sometimes he thinks he's a person ;)

Woof playing outside in his sweatshirt.
He's always really happy to have me put this on him;)

Remember I called him a pansy? Okay, here he is - scared of his Christmas present. It was a bone!

And this is my absolute favorite Brady memory. I giggle until I cry when I think about this and am so glad I got a picture:) I put a pair of Nora's running pants on him and he went berzerk. He was so embarrased, he went and hid by Dave until I took them off (which was a while because I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants).
I think this picture is hysterical!

Poor Woof, he puts up with so much. He's really a good guy:) Posted by Picasa


Melissa :) 1:53 PM  

ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If truth be told, by the looks of these photos, "Woof" might be glad if YOU got lost. LOL!!!!!!! :)

Heaven Sent 4:24 PM  

Way too funny!! The last photo is the best ever, you cruel, cruel, woman... ;o)

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