Saturday, September 23, 2006

I want I am

I am:
a mom
a wife
a daughter
a friend
an interested person
a christian
interested in many things
friendly - even if I don't look like it
menstruating (ha! like that one, don't you:)
anxious at times
in love with my husband

I want:
my children to be happy
my children to be healthy
my children to have high self-esteem
a minivan or a larger vehicle
my kitchen cabinets to close
to be able to send Ryann to preschool this year
to sleep more
the sun to shine
to be tiny again
Dave to be successful in his business so that we can see him more and so that we can be generous to those who need it more than we do
to give
to love others the way I am loved
people to feel loved by me
my children to never doubt that I love them
to take a wine tasting class
figure out how to make things with my sewing machine
to play tennis with Dave
provide experiences rather than things for our girls
to go on vacation to the Caribbean
to be able to eat whatever I want
new landscaping
to finish our basement
to paint my house again
a big piece of cheesecake
to see my children grow up, marry and have kids
to be done having babies
to be a foster parent someday
to live a consistent life
to learn balance

I need:
to read my Bible more
to pray more
to serve more
to be a better friend
to be a better family member
to iron Dave's shirts
to donate blood
to give the dog a bath
to eat less
to paint PD's ceiling and son's room
to get to know my friends better
to get to know my parents better

I should:
spend less time on the computer
spend more time with the girls
be more bold
be more willing to be uncomfortable
read more
write more
tell people I love them
send more hand-written notes
worry less about what others think of me
share my faith
memorize scripture
be more empathetic
keep my mouth shut more often

I Did:
iron a shirt a couple of days ago
balance my checking account yesterday
give each of my girls a kiss to say good morning
climb the stairs this morning
eat a piece of pizza last night
drink a lot of water yesterday
Tae Bo Bootcamp yesterday and it kicks my bum
pay the bills
buy a few christmas gifts for the girls this week
make brownies with Nora and Ryann this morning
put pecans in the brownies - against my better judgement

I Didn't:
give the dog a bath like I told him I was going to
color with Nora yesterday
eat 2 pieces of pizza yesterday
take my vitamin at all this week
do the stairs yesterday like I was supposed to (it was raining)
buy a treadmill even though I'd really like to
look for the costumes for Georgia and Hannah
make dinner last night
laugh at The Office this week
have enough vanilla for the brownies, so we're hoping they still taste good

My weekend challenge to you: Copy and paste the following into the comments section and write the first thing that comes to mind for each...

I am:
I want:
I need:
I did:
I didn't:


missy 5:53 PM  

I am: tired
I want: more time in a day
I need: to read my bible more
I did: get most of my laundry done today
I didn't: iron a thing

Amanda 8:50 PM  

I am: getting ready for bed
I want: to sleep
I need: to sleep
I did: sleep for a few hours last night
I didn't: sleep enough last night

Can you tell I have a newborn? :) In all honesty, it's not that bad...I just felt like being a little silly. I wouldn't trade this little sweetheart for all the sleep in the world.

Melissa :) 11:39 PM  

I am: absolutely exhausted.
I want: more than anything? To have an immaculate house again.
I need: to spend more time with my children!!!
I did: eat totally out-of-control today, pretending I'm a size 2 again.
I didn't: get to bed early like I had hoped.

Mommy Brain 7:31 AM  

I love your I should be willing to be more uncomfortable...that's really deep and brilliant. Thanks for the challenge.

Kary 8:40 PM  

I am: I am super mom, and I can do anything
I want:a twinkie
I need:air
I did:not do all that I wanted to do
I didn't:do all that much

JCarey 7:26 PM  

I am:Happy as a clam in their favorite seaweed patch
I want:extra hours in the day
I need:to trust God more
I did:
I didn't:get my mom a card for her birthday - life is too fast

I DID really NEED my WANT but AM glad the world DIDN'T run on my plan and that GOD DID give me a day filled with adventures good and bad!

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